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What is UltraShape?
UltraShape is an FDA cleared non-invasive body treatment that uses unique pulsed ultrasound technology to reduce fat in stubborn areas. By focusing ultrasound energy at a controlled depth, the UltraShape treatment has the unique ability to mechanically and selectively destroy fat cells without harming the surrounding tissue. Measurable results can be seen in as little as 2 weeks.

What areas can be treated with UltraShape?
UltraShape treatments can be done on the abdomen, flanks, back, buttocks, arms and legs.

How many UltraShape treatments will I need?
Typically the UltraShape procedure involves a series of three treatments spaced 1-2 weeks apart.

What does an UltraShape treatment feel like?
UltraShape is a comfortable treatment with no downtime or discomfort. Patients often report feeling a warm sensation during the treatment.

Is UltraShape right for me?
UltraShape is ideal for people with stubborn fat or genetically acquired problem areas. For best results, maintaining a healthy lifestyle with diet and exercise is recommended. UltraShape does not achieve major weight loss.

Are UltraShape treatments painful?
Most people report a comfortable experience and side effects are extremely rare. There is no soreness or numbness after treatment.

Are there any visible signs of treatment?
The UltraShape procedure leaves no visible signs of treatment.

How soon can I expect to see results?
Many people reported seeing results as early as 2 weeks after their first treatment, but you should expect to see the best results after a series of 3 treatments, 2 weeks apart. We are routinely seeing patients lose 2-3 inches off their waist or up to 2 dress sizes after a full series of 3 treatments.

Can I return to normal activities after treatment?
There is no downtime—not even social downtime—after an UltraShape treatment. You can resume your normal daily activities right away.

Are results permanent?
The fat cells that are treated are permanently destroyed. However, while the treated cells cannot re-grow, other neighboring fat cells can increase in size, so—for best results—it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle with diet and exercise.

Where does the fat go?
The body breaks down (or processes) the destroyed fat cells, just like it break down other fats. After being processed by the liver, the waste is eliminated naturally.

What makes UltraShape different from other treatments?
Unlike other fat-reduction procedures, UltraShape does not use heat or freeze fat. UltraShape treatments are very comfortable and show no visible signs of treatment. Plus, with UltraShape, you get measurable, visible results as early as 2 weeks.

  Velashape FAQ Elos Treatments FAQ 

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